ICU Small Animal Rugs

Working Dog Rug/Coat

ICU Small Animal Rugs makes only a hand full of sizes for Dog Rugs/Coats.

How main Rugs that we make are for Australian and New Zealand Working Dogs.

I have divided our Dog Rugs/Coats into 3 groups that l will make a rug for.

First Group:  Is for our little work dogs with very big attitudes on farm dogs being Foxy's, Jack Russells, Maltesse, Dachshunds and a few others.

Group Two:  Our working dogs Kelpie's, Huntaways, Border Collies, Aussie Sheppards, Blue Heelers and others.

Group Three:  Staghounds, Golden Retriever, Large Framed Dogs.

Fabric Of These Rugs:

Outer Shell is a tough taffeta 3 layer lamented fabric that is windproof, waterproof and breathable

Waterproof Technology

5,000mm proof and 5,000gsm breathable.

5,000mm means that water fall of 5 metres in one fall before the fabric would leak.

5,000gsm means the fabric can pass up to a square metre of moisture in a 24 hour block.

The liner is a double sided thermal fabric that wicks moisture away from the dog's skin.  It is odour and bacterial treated.

If you want your dog rug/coat to be made with a woollen blanket for it's lining this is not a problem at no extra cost.

If you have a dog with health problems that suffers from arthritis or just old and feels the cold l can make your rug with a pocket in it to insert a heat pad for a extra $10.00 with this l will supply you with feet warmers for the small dogs and heat pads for the larger breeds.  These are sold on our shop for 80 cents each.

New To Our Dog Rug Range:

Dog rugs/coats made out of a light 6% canvas with full reflective tape.  Very handy if your dog parks itself on the drive ways for in coming and out going traffic or getting on in age and doesn't hear as well.

Also you have the choice of leg straps on all of our rugs which is proving popular instead of belly straps.

Please contact us if you need more information on our Dog Rugs/Coats