How a Cow Canvas Cover Can Increase Comfort

While keeping your cows fed well, dry, and warm are certainly important factors in keeping them healthy, they are not the only ones. Providing comfort and preventing nerve damage is also important.

While there are many calf covers available, several of them come with undesired consequences. For instance, some are made from heavy materials, which can make your cow feel trapped and afraid.

Some are made with uncomfortable buckles as attachments, and some cover all of the cow's body- including the tail. Others also put too much weight on pressure points, leading to a great deal of discomfort as well as nerve damage.

ICU Small Animal Rug is completely different than these options. They are designed specifically for keeping pressure off the cow and keeping them comfortable.

  • There are no uncomfortable buckles. Instead, ICU's calf covers and the cow canvas cover are made with durable Double D rings.

  • There is space left around the tail in the shape of a "U" to let the tail move freely.

  • The entire canvas is lightweight, making sure there is not too much weight on any given point of the body.

  • There is also fluffy padding around the neck and tail to ensure those pressure points are not under any undue stress.

  • Calf blankets and the cow canvas cover come in several sizes, making them a good choice for everything from the smallest to the largest breeds. The front and back seams are durable and adjustable, allowing you to maximize your animal's comfort.

Check out the calf covers and cow canvas covers ICU Small Animal Rugs has to help you protect your cows' health and comfort.