We are very please to offer you our range of ICU Cow Show Rugs.

This Show Rug is speciality designed for your Show Animal with many

features that you can expect from us in the design of a rug that with simple care should last you many seasons in showing your animals.

Why this rug will out shine any other is the cut of the rug we have sizes that will accommodate the fames of breeds and very important the pins and pressure points.

 With our dart situated in the hind of the rug to prevent rubbing over the pins.

The front of the rug allows you a 3 way strap with different sizes in the chest.

Still with wool over the shoulders and the dock to stop any pressure and rubbing points.

The Main Feature is that we have lined the inside of the rug with a taffa/satin liner. 

This liner will not rub your clipped out animal or will it rubbed out the hair on the top line, it will slide over this area and it is 100% breathable so you freshly washed animal should not sweat.

The rug fabric is a poly/cotton tearlock again 100% breathability.

There is only one behind strap that should not interfere with the udder.

The front of the rug has a Stallion pull back in itself is a special design that re-enforces the fabric around the front straps and should prevent the animal kneeling on the fabric when getting up.

Around the hold of the rug has a good quality blinding that is double stitched.

For now with have catered from 3'9" animals up to 5'3" with normal to average frames.

Also with have rugs designed for the frames of Swiss Browns and our large Holsteins cattle.

The sizes for the Holsteins and Swiss Browns breeds are rug sizes in Junior - Intermediate - and the Mature cow.

We will in time have a wide selection of Show Rugs designed for more breeds of cattle.

This rug was not designed for a paddock rug.


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