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The Home Of ICU Small Animal Rugs

ICU Small Animal Rugs

P.O. Box 397

Tynong   3813



 web:    www.icusmallanimalrugs.com.au

email:   margaretegan@icusmallanimalrugs.com

phone: 0408 342 426


We are please to announce our new line:

 ICU Small Animal Rugs Dog Mattress

Why have we made this amazing topper mattress?

Being farmers and it comes to our dogs bedding can be a issue at times.  We all want what is best for our dog.

Some of poor bedding issue's are:  



Dog Hair


And through our dogs over the years trying to find that bedding that will last more than a few weeks.   With our fabric that we use on lambs, calves and kids have worked so well l made a mattress here for our dog a couple of years ago to see how it would go.

 We have use 100% wool for the filling

 By using 100% Australian Made Woolen

 Quilts With Australian Wool

 1.  100% breathable

 2.  summer the wool keeps cooler

 3.  winter it will be warmer

 4.  better for your dog with joint issue's

The Backing Liner Of The Mattress

Rip Stop Canvas

1.  Tough long wearing

2.  Breathable

Top Fabric On The Mattress

Our fabric is waterproof/windproof and breathable

1.  This fabric has been use on our other

     ICU Small Animal Rugs

2.  Because of the make up of the fabric

     fleas can't nest

3.  Also dog hair doesn't stick to the fabric

4.  No odour 

Our mattress that l made over 2 years ago

Lucy is a Golden Retriver and the coat on this breed of dog is never ending.

It's faded now but you can see its well used and worn.

With this mattress l had used foam as the filling

I Have Use The Word Breathable Many Times

All of the key elements of this mattress is that its breathable

For the health of your dog should lessen skin type conditions

More peaceful not scratching because of fleas

The mattress woolen fibre wicks moisture along with the top fabric also wicks moisture

Easy to clean sweep with a soft broom and if really gets dirty light hose

If you find in a couple of years that its not as waterproof, get a can of waterproofing and reproof it

At this stage l have only made the mattress for raise beds.

If farmers want mattress for kennels l will make them to size