Dog Mattress

Best Dog Mattress for Working and Birthing Dogs

Most dog mattresses come with several issues. They get dirty easily. Dirt, mud, dog hair, and more are trapped inside the mattresses and lead to foul odors. And they are very difficult to keep clean and rid of those odors.

Another common issue is that they provide an excellent place for fleas to burrow. This means that with a regular dog bed, your dog has to deal with flea bites and heat after a long day of work and play.

A regular dog mattress is typically not as good as a whelping mat for several reasons. First, as each pup is born, the amniotic fluid and more cover the bed.

Over their first few days of life- until they are able to travel to other places- their urine and feces also build up on it. As they are difficult to clean, it usually means you just need to throw the whole bedding out.

Additionally, the mother dog- while whelping- scratches and paws due to the pain and discomfort. With a standard whelping mat or dog mattress, this leads to holes and tears in the fabric.

Our whelping mat addresses all of these issues, and there is plenty to love about it. Not only does this mattress make a great working dog rug, but it is also an excellent whelping mat.

First and foremost, it is effortless to clean. In most cases, you can simply brush or sweep it clean. When it's too dirty for a simple clean- like after a litter of pups are born- you can use some liquid detergent and warm water to clean it up.

Also, the ICU dog mattress is made with moisture wicking thermal lining. This material helps keep your dog and new pups warm while preventing mold and bacteria growth. It also discourages fleas from having a place to burrow, does not hold odors, and any dog hairs come off quickly.

Another outstanding characteristic is that scratching and pawing during birth do not cause rips and tears in the mat, so it lasts for a long time. If you are looking for a high quality working dog rug or whelping mat, ICU Small Animal Rugs has the solution for you.