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Fully woollen lined canvas calf rug.

Good all rounder weather rug for the calf thats out doors.  Strongly made and reinforce leg straps and D rings by our Australia ICU Small Animal Rugs Team.

These are a good strong rug that will last for years with proper care.

All of ICU Small Animal Rugs are now coloured coordinated

                                               extra small canvas trim - pink

      small - mauve,                      small  canvas trim - mauve

medium - orange                medium canvas trim - orange

      large - mint green                large canvas trim - mint green

extra large - sky blue            x/large canvas trim - sky blue


This is an easier way to identify what size rug you are after

Dairy, Beef, Poddy Calves Canvas Calf Rug-single, twin pack, 3 x pack each size

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