We are very happy to offer our new designed cow rug to you.

A lot of consideration went in to the design of this rug for the better fitting and comfort to the animal.

Here are some of the highlights.

  1. Sizes we have started with 3'9"and go up in 3' interments to 5'9"
  2. We have incorporated 2 rear straps to hold the rug more snug allowing you to alter the straps to fit the cows outline.  The straps are done up with double "D" rings which sits very smooth against the animals skin.
  3. Top of the animals dock, a "U" has been cut out to stop pressure points of wearing a rug along with a good wool insert for that extra comfort.
  4. This rug is different to others having a seam that points up the pins and a seam from the bottom to point up to the pins.  This will stop the rug from pulling on the animals pins and again more comfort and should stop interference with their the gait.
  5. The rug will not or should not interfere in the dairy for milking.
  6. The front of the rug will give you 3 ways to do the front of the rug up.  Again this will benefit the animal and making the rug more comfortable.
  7. On top of the shoulders is a wide wool inlay to stop any pressure points with the animal wearing the rug.    Even if your animal is out with the herd and bulling there are no straps for a animal mounting the cow with       the rug to get their legs caught, but caution should be taken.
  8. The rug is fully lined with 100% wool along the top-line and 1/2 way down inside the rug.
  9. The woollen liner a panel has been incorporated to the inside of the front of the rug, more comfortable for the animal. 
  10. The front of the rug the neck line will not stretch with wear with the design and technical sewing. 



ICU Small Animal Rugs Cow Rug

Rug Sizes
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