We have design a tough paddock rug for your animals.

The fabric is 100% cotton 100% breathable with deep woven squares for that extra toughest that your animal needs out in the paddock.

The design of the rug is the same as our winter canvas rug

  • The front of the rug will not stretch as it is reinforce with an nylon rope

  • 3 way front attachment allowing you to do the front of the rug up to suit the conformation of your animal

  • The front of the rug is pulled back and sewn the same way as on Stallion Horse Rugs giving you that extra thickness if they try and kneel on the front of the rug

  • On the shoulder and on the dock area of the rug has wool fluff to prevent rubbing and coursing pressure points

  • The hind of the rug has 2 straps 2 inch webbing in width to make it more comfortable and to even out the weight of the rug

  • Plenty of room around the pins to prevent pressure points

  • You can put your animal amongst your herd to go into the shed to get milked as there is nothing on the rug to catch on

  • The rug will prevent sunburn if you have just clipped or your animal or has sensitivity to the sun rays

ICU Small Animal Rugs Holstein Paddock Rug

  • With simple care your paddock rug should stand with the test of time.


    Spray your rug with some soap and hang on a fence and hose off.

    Not with a pressure washer!


    Or machine wash on normal with power or liquid soap and hang out to dry.