ICU Small Animal Rugs makes only a few sizes for Dog Rugs.

How main Rugs that we make are for Australian and New Zealand Working Dogs.

I have divided our Dog Rugs into 3 group that l will make a rug.

First Group for our little dogs most of the rugs that l have made for this group are on farm dogs

Foxy's, Jack Russells, Maltesse, Dachshunds and a few others.

Group Two:  Our working dogs Kelpie's, Huntaways, Border Collie's, Blue Heelers and others

Group Three:  Staghounds, Golden Retrivers, Large Frame Dogs

  • Outer Shell is a tough Taffeta 3 layer lamented fabric that is windproof, waterproof and breathable
  • Waterproof Technology  5,000mm proof and 5,000gsm breathable.  5000mm means that water fall of 5 metres in one fall before the fabric would leak.  5000gsm means the the fabric can pass up to a square metre of moisture in a 24 hour block.
  • The liner is double sided thermal that wicks moisture away from the calf's skin.  It is odour and bacterial treated.  
  • This is the only rug that you can place our rug on a newborn that has just been born and the two fabrics together will wick dry the calf underneath the rug without the worry of bactrical or ordours.
  • If you are after a good rug that is multi purpose in the shed or out in the paddock, this is it.


If you want your rug to be made with a woolen liner l will make it at no extra cost.

Also if you want a heat pocket in your rug for a dog with health issue's or hind hips and legs l will for a extra cost of $10.00.  I will also supply you with 2 feet warmers for Small Group Breeds and larger heat pads for Group 2 & 3 6 heat pads each rug.  You can purchase our heat pads for 80cents each on our ICU Small Animal Rugs Shop 

You will have to contact me if you require a pocket

Kind Regards,



ICU Small Animal Rugs Working Dog Rug/Coat/Cover/Blanket


    Machine wash - gentle or delicate, use only liquid Detregent 
    Do not tumble dry
    Do not bleach
    Do not dry clean
    Hang the rug out on the line in or out doors