We are very please to offer a new product to our range Our New Show Rug

  • Fabric is poly/cotton tear-lock
  • Lined with a taffa/satin liner that will prevent any rubbing on your animal especially around the pins and will not rub out the top line hair
  • The front of the rug has a 3 way strap options to accommodate the animals conformation making it more comfortable
  • On the shoulder and the dock area we have place some wool fluff to prevent any pressure points to these two areas
  • There is one strap at the back of the rug which is place above the udder, the strap is made of a strong webbing which you do up to double D's
  • All around the edge of the rug is a good quality blinding that is double stitch just to add that extra look to the rug


This is a perfect rug of you spending time washing and preparing your animal for a show keeping it clean.

Also for the animal when a fully clipped this rug will offer protection against the sun rays.

And at night will help your animal if the weather is a bit cooler the rug will act as a light blanket.


But please keep in mind that this rug was not design as a paddock rug

ICU Small Animal Swiss Browns Show Rug

  • With simple care this rug should wash up like new.


    1. Normal machine wash with normal washing powder or liquid
    2. Do not Dry Clean
    3. Do not tumble dry
    4. Hang out on a line
    5. You can spot spray and soak in nappy sam or the same as
    6. If you want to disinfect your rug after a show you can