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Welcome To The Home Of ICU Small Animal Rugs


ICU Small Animal Rugs commenced operation in 2014 operating out of Tynong located in the picturesque setting of West Gippsland, Victoria Australia.

Four generations of our family have been involved in the farming industry and we have vast experience in breeding, rearing and caring of  animals. 

ICU Small Animal Rugs Specialise  in the care of unwell or adverse weather conditions for Newborn Lambs, Calves & Kid Goats.  With our unique design for Lamb Rugs, Calf Rugs and Kid Goat Rugs with a pocket built in to allow for a heat pad.

ICU Small Animal Rugs are 100% water/wind proof 100% breathable and our liner is double sided thermal that wicks moisture from the newborn skin that has been treated for mould and bacterial.

Our Rugs/Blanket/Coats & Covers are fully washable.

Our rugs are the only safe rug that you can place on a newborn still wet and covered with Amniotic fluid from birth and will dry when you place an ICU Small Animal Rug with a Heat Pad in the pocket of the rug.

ICU Small Animal Rugs helps increase survival rates in newborn Lambs, Calves and Kid Goats with Hypothermia, Pneumonia, Premature Births, Scouring, Low Birth Weights, Injury, Poddy Feeding .

ICU Small Animal Rugs have extended it's Products to include Cow Canvas Rugs/Covers/Coats & Blankets along with Calf Canvas Rugs/Blankets/Coats & Covers.

2020 has been a busy year with the Designing and making of our Dog Beds/Mattress and Dog Whelping Bed/Mattress together with our Working Dog Rug/Coat/Cover & Blanket.

Lastly we finish the design of Mature Rugs for Goats. Our Goat Rugs are made of Canvas also Soft Shell that we use on our Lamb, Calf and Kid Goat Rugs.

We have also designed a World's first Dual Canvas Cow - Down Cow Rug

We have been manufacturing our own unique designed Canvas Cow Rugs for the past 2 years and now have taken it further the same Rug with a Front Infill when you have a cow that is down with pockets that are situated on key areas of the animals nerves and vital organs.

We understand the requirements that Farmers in the industries of Beef Farming, Dairy Farming, Sheep Farming, Calf Rearing, Showing Cattle, Sheep, Goats and Dogs and the all important Life Style Farmers that need that added protection with their livestock being hand ons farmers ourselves.

We are very proud of ICU Small Animal Rugs and the many lives of animals that our Rugs, Coats, Covers & Blankets have achieved in the past 7 years.

Also extremely proud that ICU Small Animal Rugs are Australian Made and Owned