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Welcome To The Home Of ICU Small Animal Rugs

ICU Small Animal Rugs commenced operation in 2014 operating out of Tynong located in the picturesque setting of West Gippsland, Victoria Australia.

Generations of our family have been involved in the farming industry and we have had vast experience in breeding, rearing and caring of animals. 

When growing up if we had a sick calf, we would used a heavy pollard hessian bag, placing ties on the front of the bag and a strap on the hind to keep the calf warm.  The cows we would have numerous ways of keeping them warm from canvas tarps, again the old pollard bags sewn together with a bag needle and hay band. And by placing hay bales around the animal to keep the weather off them.

All of ICU Small Animal Rugs rugs relate to scenarios of some 60+ years of farming that l have found myself witnessing or hands on dealing with. 

It's been an amazing journey these past years in designing rugs that could help newborns lambs, calves, kids goats to Cow Rugs.  Behind every rug there has  been a scenario in my life experiences with animals, from premature births, hypothermia, pneumonia, dummy calves, difficult Birthing, injury, scours.  Unwell cows, suffering from milk fever, pneumonia, difficult births, down cow and cow suffering from photosensitivity. 

Farming these days are light years away to what l have been brought up with, but animals are still the same and there conditions that they face are still the same.  

The design of ICU Small Animal Rugs haven't been taken lightly, our designs for the animals comes first with proper fitting rugs that are balance and safe.  All of our fabric's that we use are fully breathable, and wicks moisture away from the animals skin.  We take fittings from different breeds of animals conformation and their size to ensure we make the correct fit of a rug.

We have dealt with some lovely people that have allowed us to use their animals as templates.

2023 we have a new collection to add which is going to be a life changer for so many people but more important for their animals.

We are very proud of ICU Small Animal Rugs and the many lives of animals our Rugs have helped achieved in the past years.

 We understand at ICU Small Animal Rugs not all farmers requirements or needs are the same.

We pride ourselves on sourcing Australian made products where possible, and you would be surprise at the percentage rate of Australian products that go into producing ICU Small Animal Rugs.

          We Are A Proud Australian Small Business That Is Australian Made and Owned

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