ICU Small Animal Rugs

Lamb and Kid Goats 


This is were the ICU Small Animal Rugs Story begins

I am not ashamed to tell you now that many years ago l had suffered from an extremely bad nervous break down caused by bulling in the work place.  At the time l lost the ability to write, couldn't spell, speech was very slurred couldn't drive a car because l would get lost unless it was very close to home that everything look familiar and l would locked myself away at home because l didn't feel safe going out.  Even today l still prefer not going out the front gate.  Unfortunately this cause me many health problems leading up to the break down and after that l will suffer from for the rest of my life.

But l'm a determined person and although it took me some time to get by on a day to day base it got easier and the best medicine as they say keep busy and together with my family and friends support.

ICU Small Animal Rugs has given me my independence back and l feel like winner against work place Bulling.


Lambing l found sometimes amazing and sometimes so heart breaking.  Made worst by suffering from PTS the guilt would enfold me that l should be doing something more to help these little newborns.   When a lamb developed hypothermia or another health problem, out came the towels, hot water bottles and the laundry basket next to the fire.  But the one's that didn't get well and you are holding them in the last minutes of life it was horrendous to listen and watch the poor little mites as they pass away.  I was so determined to alter this situation by the next lambing season l got to work 

 Researching deep into newborn lambs health issue's, this was the start of me learning to spell and write again in very small steps and in  small time frames.  It took a couple of years to find a safe way to aid the newborn with a safe and reliable rug that would fit without the restrictions their natural movement and be able leave them with their birth mothers as not to break their bond.   With my amazing daughter Courtney who helped me fine the suitable fabric's and good friend Sean who came up with the safe heating for the rugs and the best sounding board and support a friend could ask for.

ICU Small Animal Rugs Came Of Age

I have been lucky enough to incorporate Lamb Rugs together with Kid Goat Rugs.

And now with our Lambs and Kid Goats we cater to the small breeds of Baby Dolls Lambs and Miniature Kid Goats.

Sizes we now make are:  xx/small -  x/small - small - medium - large - x/large it is amazing to think how far we have come and how tiny some of these rugs are.



U cut

How ICU Small Animal Rugs Can Help With Your Newborn Lambs and Kid Goats 

We can help you increase survival rates with:



     Low Birth Weights

     Difficult Birthing



     Miss Mothering


A lamb with an ICU Lamb/Kid Goat Rug on with a heat pad will not require any heat from a heat lamp, less fire risk 

The Fabric Of

ICU Small Animal Rugs

Keeping in mind that we didn't want to make a rug that was heavy, especially for newborns.  We discovered a fabric that is waterproof/windproof and breathable.

This fabric is as light as a feather.

The fabric is 5000/mm meaning that it is waterproof up to 5 metres of rain before it should leak.

The liner of the top fabric is 5000/gsm being that it will wick up to a square metre of moisture in a 24 hour block.


The inner layer is a double sided fabric that wicks moisture away from the animals skin whilst circulating

heat around the newborns skin.  The fabric is odourless and mould resistant.

This fabric works extremely well in cold conditions even if the animal is not active, it will 

keep the newborns body heat circulating .

Being odourless this enables you to place the rug on multiple animals without the birthmother being confused over the scent of her offspring.

Poddy Feeding Lambs Rugs

Help To Keep Them Warm

And Maintain Their Weight

When we have poddy Lambs or Kid Goats it is very time consuming and costly.  This is where a ICU rug can help maintain and increase the weight of your poddy newborns by the newborn not having to use their energy in keeping warm.

There is no need for a heat lamp when your Poddy's have a rug on.

This is a very good safety measure for them and you reducing fire risk.


The "U" Cut

The rugs have been designed with a "U" cut in the tail section of the rug.

This allows the birthmother to easily I.D her offspring's scent.

Also this keeps the weight off the pins and tail dock to prevent any damage to the nerves in this area.

In this area we have incorporated a pocket that sits between the 2 layers of fabric that covers the kidneys of the newborn.

This in turns warms the blood of the newborn in scenarios of being born out in the cold wet weather, suffering from a difficult birth, hypothermia, pneumonia, scours and many more problems that are associated with what newborns are face with.


There is no belly strap around the centre of the rug which enables the birthmother to lick and clean her offspring's umbilical cord and allows air flow to circulate in this area.

With male newborns this also stops them urinating on a belly strap which again could cause infection to the umbilical cord. Reduce infection by no rubbing to the umbilical cord area.

The rug has been made for balance their hips and tail dock to prevent any damage to the nerves in this area.

Front Of The Rug

The front of the front just slips over the lambs head.

We have used a UV and mould treated stretch fabric thank gives when needed and will go back 

to its original shape.

This is also important to allow the lamb/kid goat to get up without restrictions.

Leg Straps

Leg straps we use extra high tension elastic that you thread into double D's rings.

You can leave the leg strap done up and just stretch them over the lambs hind legs making this a fast covering.




Allrounder Lamb Rugs

Not always do we need a rug with a heat pad.

This is why we can offer the same unique design and fabric as our Lamb Rug with a pocket for a heat pad.  Sometimes your lambs need that bit of added protection in adverse weather conditions or they just need that extra TLC born light weight or have a fight at the milk bar with his siblings at least the rug will maintain his weight.

Miniature Lamb and Kid Goat Rugs

Miniature Lambs and Kids Goats are so tiny but ICU Small Animal Rugs we're up to the challenge to make a rug small enough for these wee lambs and kids.

Instead of large heat pads like we use in our calf, lambs and kid goat rugs we are now using feet warmers.

A couple of reason the large ones l feel are just that little big large and the feet warmers still have a sticky side that you can attached it inside of the rugs pockets to keep the pad in place.

Lamb Rug Packs

We have made it more financial friendly for you to be able to purchase lamb packs.

eg. 4 x  ICU Lamb Rugs with Pockets your choice plus 24 heat pads. 

                And Or

 With every Allrounder lamb pack you will received a rug with a pockets in it plus 6 heat pads.

You are still able to purchase packs or single rugs with the pocket in the rugs for a heat pad.

The lamb starter packs are still available also normally consisting of 4 Rugs (but happy to accommodate you with your breed to the sizing)


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