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Goats Rugs

Protect Your Animals With Adult Rug
Canvas & Soft Shell Rugs

With all the work you put into your farm, it makes sense that you want to provide the best care for your animals. When it comes to protecting them from the elements, ICU Small Animal Rugs have products that were designed to keep your animals warm, clean, and dry. Below are just a few of the benefits you can experience.

Outer Material

The outer layer is designed with extremely lightweight fabric, which is good for adult goats and kid goats alike. For adult goats, the light material ensures that there is not too much stress on pressure points. 

The outer material of the goat 12oz. canvas rugs are windproof and waterproof and fully breathable. These capabilities ensure that your goats do not suffer from a chill in the air or walk around in a soaked garment, which could lead to several illnesses.

Inner Lining

The inner lining of our goats blankets is just as impressive.  80% woollen blanket lined our soft shell goat and canvas goat rugs.  Together with our canvas outer shell and woollen lined is the most natural fabric warm wicking fabric's. 

Our canvas has been treated against mould and bacteria which is excellent in wet moist areas knowing that your goat won't be subjected to an unhealthy mould that could cause illnesses. It also keeps odors from building up inside of the fabric. With a quick and simple regular cleaning schedule, you can keep your goat canvas rugs in great shape.

Although the adult covers are breathable, they are also effective at keeping your goats' body heat inside and circulating, even when they are not moving. This ensures that they keep their body temperatures up and helps fight many medical conditions, including hypothermia and pneumonia and for your older goats will help if they suffer from arthritis. 

Adjustable Design

Not only do the goat canvas rugs come in several sizes, but they are also adjustable at several areas of the garment. This helps ensure that all size goats are able to fit into an ICU animal rug comfortably.

3 different styles of goat rugs

  • Canvas with surcingle around the centre allowing for pregnancy to let the rug out

  • Soft Shell with surcingle around the centre allowing for pregnancy to let the rug out

  • Canvas Rug with leg straps more hygienic with male goats


All goat canvas rugs were built for years of use. Such a characteristic makes an investment well worth it.

With all of the benefits that accompany ICU Small Animal Rugs products, there is no reason not to give them a try. It will take no time for you to see the positive impact they have for yourself and appreciate the investment you made. Take a look at our large selection of goat canvas rugs  to find the perfect cover for your animals.

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