ICU Animal Rugs

Benefits of ICU Animal Rugs

A farmer's animals are much more than part of a job. They are a significant part of their livelihood, and farmers want to do all that they can to care for them. One way to do so is through the use of ICU Small Animal Rugs. The following are some of the main reasons to try one.

Waterproof, Windproof and Breathable

ICU animal rugs are made with waterproof and windproof material. They are also breathable, which helps prevent mold and bacteria from growing inside of them.

Easy to Keep Clean

You can quickly clean these animal rugs with a soft broom, or you can use a little liquid detergent and warm water from more heavy duty cleaning


Temperature Regulating

ICU small animal rugs can keep your animals warm in the winter. The outer layer is windproof and the inner liner moisture wicking, keeping them warmer and drier in wet climates. They also have a pouch in which you can add body warmers for extra warmth.


Not only is the rug material tough, but so are the leg straps and the remainder of the rug.

Flea Free

One of the greatest things about ICU small animal rugs is that the material leaves no place for fleas to make a home. That means less irritation and scratching for your animals.

Increases Chances of Survival

These animal rugs are designed to help keep newborns warm and dry while allowing the mother full access to her newborn. These characteristics help prevent conditions such as pneumonia and hypothermia, increasing the little ones' chances of survival.


These rugs are made to accommodate the animal's body. They are cut into a "U" shape to surround the tail, and none of the straps are placed in uncomfortable or inconvenient places. Your animals will be able to move regularly.


If you are looking for the utmost care for your animals, consider choosing ICU Small Animal Rugs for the best results.