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ICU Small Animal Rugs

Goat Rugs

 Large Goats Down To Miniature Goats

Goats Rugs 1
Goats Rugs 2

ICU Small Animal Goat Rugs

We are very please with our Goat Rugs Design with the help of Anna and Tim Shepheard owners of Jiel Anglo-Nubians in Tasmania.

I will admit that designing Goat Rugs have been my hardest of all animals to design.  But after parcels containing Goat Rugs going backwards and forward over Bass Straight we came up winners.

Our design is different to others more comfortable for the animal that a rug will sit correct and not swing around the neck stain placing on the shoulders and withers.

The rear of the rug comes forward enough for either kids drinking or you milking without fabric getting in the way of the udder.  Long adjustable webbing is used for the surcingle which you can adjust the length for pregnancy as the doe becomes heavy in kid and also take in as required.  Our ICU "U" cut around the tail dock does not place any weight on this area with nerves.  The front of the rug comes with generous strap and the top of the rug flake sheep wool is sewn to prevent pressure on their withers.


We have 2 different fabric's for our Goat Rugs


First one is 12% Canvas fully woollen lined with a 80% woollen blanket  - Fully waterproof and fully breathable

Second Goat Rug is a 3 layer fabric that is Fully waterproof, windproof, warm and has a a 80% woollen blanket

Our last design is a plain rug more suitable for Male Goats: Or your golden oldies in retirement and you want to get them warm and the weather off them.

For the Buck or Wether there is not a  Belly Straps for him to Urinate on or to get Semen on.  Less smell more high hygienic

Leg Straps 

12oz. Canvas full waterproof with a fully lined 80% woollen blanket

Generous front strap


Soft Shell With Woollen Blanket


               Soft Shell Goat Rug


              Canvas Goat Rug


Canvas Goat Rugs Without Belly Straps 

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