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Our Calf Prematures Rugs

Our ICU Premature Calf Rug would have to be the best rugs for Premature Calves on todays market.

It is one of our biggest sellers to Dairy Farmers and Beef Farmers.

The proof is farmers are saving their premie's that can be up to 5 weeks prem.

The Premature Calf rugs fabric is different to our standard fabric that's a little bit more special 

with added warmth.  

Here are some pictures of our premie's

Premature Calves in all Breeds as you can see with the pictures above.

It is worth while if you do breed cattle to have one of these life saving little rugs tucked away somewhere

handy just in case you fine yourself with a Premature Calf.

The price of these rugs have never gone up or will they.  They sell for $70.00 + GST  AUD

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