Calf Blankets

Prevent Cold Stress With Calf Blankets or a Cow Canvas Rug

Cows are warm blooded creatures, so it is vital that they maintain their body temperature year round. This can be difficult during the winter months and cause what is known as cold stress.

Cold temperatures can lead to hypothermia, slowing down physiological and metabolic processes. This sends your blood to your vital organs, leaving the extremities exposed to frostbite. It can also cause your cows to lose consciousness due to a drop in heart rate and breathing.

In addition to cold stress negatively impacting your animal's health, it can also greatly impact your budget. As body temperature drops, your cows will eat more to try to increase their energy. This leads to higher feed costs for you.

If the extra feed is not available, the cows will lose weight, which leads to losing any fat they have stored. As that fat decreases, the lower the body temperatures drop, resulting in even more lost weight. If these cows have calves to feed, those calves have a low chance of survival.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent cold stress from hurting your animals. Some of the most important steps include the following:

  • Keep up with the weather. When you know it is going to be cold, stock up on feed as best as you can and keep it available.

  • Be sure that drinking water is available, or your cows will not eat as much. Also, ensure that their available water is not frozen.

  • Keep your cows dry, clean, and protected from the wind. This includes their bodies and their bedding.

  • One way to meet these requirements is with the use of calf blankets or a calf and cow canvas rug. ICU Small Animal Rugs has just the calf canvas rug or cow canvas rug for you.

  • They are made from 12% canvas that is both waterproof and moisture wicking- both of which keep your cows and calves dry. They are windproof, keeping any cold drafts from affecting their body temperature. They are also easy to keep clean.

  • Helps when the cow is unwell from milk fever, mastitis, or calving paralysis.


By using ICU's calf blankets, calf canvas rug, or the larger cow canvas rug, you will be helping keep your animals' body temperatures up. And while you will likely still need an increased amount of food, ICU's products can prevent that increase from going too high. They will also help you keep your animals healthy, making them an incredible investment.