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Lamb Rugs

Protect Your Newborns With Lamb Rugs, Blankets and Covers

When first born and in the first several weeks of life, lambs are extremely susceptible to hypothermia and pneumonia due to low body temperatures, low birth weight, and windy, wet, or cold weather. It is vital to their survival supply proper lamb blankets, rugs, covers and lamb coats, or lamb covers during this time to help fight off these conditions

Not all newborn animals require a rug to be place on them when born. In the scenario that you do need a rug on your newborn ICU Small Animal Rugs would be on top of your list to have in your First Aid Kit.

Keep Them Warm

ICU's lamb rugs, coats, blankets, and covers are made from windproof material, ensuring that your lambs do not suffer during wet and windy weather. Additionally, they are designs with pouches for you to add a heating pad to increase their body temperature.  The heat pads warm up gradually as to not place the newborn into shock, they will heat anywhere from 10-14 hours of continuous heat.

Prevent Infection

With no belly straps around the belly,  there is nothing to rub against the umbilical cord.  As rubbing can cause intense infection around the cord and can lead to death.  It is important to have a lamb rug that does not cover their umbilical cord and for male lamb not to urinate on a belly strap, causing  hygiene problems.

Help for Unpredictable Births

These blankets also help with unpredictable births, such as a multiple births, premature births, scours, and in the case of finding an orphan. Our blankets can help give these animals a fighting chance.

Keep Them Dry

At ICU Small Animal Rugs, we create our lamb covers and coats from waterproof, moisture wicking material. This not only helps keep your lambs dry during wet weather, but it also allows you to put it directly on the lamb immediately after birth.   Any amniotic fluid will dry up quickly, keeping the lamb completely dry and warm.

Prevent Discomfort

All of our products are made with the lamb in mind. They are lightweight and breathable,. Additionally, the design is meant to leave an opening for the tail and leaves the belly uncovered for the mother to groom her babies.  The front of the rug is opened enough without causing restrictions to the lambs front legs getting up and down.

Keep Them Clean

Using dirty products on lambs can cause illness, disease, and bacterial infections. That's why ICU's lamb rugs, covers, blankets, and coats are easy to clean.

After the birth, you can use a little liquid detergent and water to clean the rug. If your lamb is scouring and some scours are on the rug, whipped the rug off and run the rug under water to wash the scours off and place back on the lamb.  This capability helps ensure you keep your lambs clean and free of bacteria.


Don't leave your lambs' health and survival up to the elements. Take control by providing them with a warm, breathable, and waterproof ICU lamb blanket

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