We Are very Pleased To Add To Our Range Of ICU Small Animal Rugs:   Our New Canvas Cow Rug

Our design is different to other cow rugs l wanted to make a rug that sat and with less pressure points to the animals pins, shoulders and top of the dock area.

How Measure Your Animal For A ICU Canvas Cow Rug


To measure your animal for our ICU Canvas Cow Rug is different perhaps to others.

Take your measurement from top of the shoulders along the spine to their dock.

Let's start with the animals shoulder's and the top of their dock.

We have added a generous amount of fluff padding that will stop rubbing and to help with any pressure points.

All so if the rug is placed on your animal that may be too large for it this should aid the animal

The front buckle of this rug is a 3 way.

You have the choice of being able to do up the front of the rug to fit different conformations animals.

Also added is an extra large long strap if you need require it.

The Hind Of This Rug

1.  There are no buckles we instead placed 2 x double 'D' rings with a full weld at the centre join

2.  The 'D" rings are placed inside of the rug that are done up with 2 inch seat belt webbing

3.  If you fine that the udder of your cow the strap is interfering with it cross tie the straps and this should solve your problem

4.  No having any buckles on the out side of this rug, if your cow is being bullied or doing the bulling there is nothing for the other animal to catch their legs on (but l would not recommend this) 

5.  Notice the top of the rug over the dock area, l have incorporated a deep "U" cut that sits over the dock taking pressure off the animal lifting their tail to urinate and maturer.  And this also helps balance the rug.

Pleats In The Hide Of The Rug

Our pleats are different to others in a cow rug.

We have incorporated 2 pleats first one going upwards towards the pin second one comes up fron the bottom of the rug.

You cannot give unfortunatly  every cow a custom made rug to fit perfectly but l like to think we came close to taking pressure and rubbing away from the animals pins.

With the pleats nearly meeting up it gives a tent like affect which gives extra room around the pins.  


When you purchase a ICU Cow Rug you will have peace of mind knowing that your rug is made to stand up to what ever conditions you have.

The front seam and the back seam will never stretch out of place with it's build in reinforcement along the inner seams.

Added is 100% wool liner and it covers down around the chest of the animal.

We are very proud to be able to offer this amazing rug to cattle owners which is 100% Australian made and Owned

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