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ICU Small Animal Calf Rugs Products Are Coloured Co-ordinated

Our design is simple but with the newborn upmost consideration has been taken into account.

This design has work extremely well from Premature Newborns to the larger calves hitting the ground.

The front of the rug you just slip over the head of the NewBorn no buckles or clips to do up. 

The front is put together with very soft 2 inch webbing.

59932694_452603048827146_7794275759928901632_n 2.jpg

The "U" Cut

The rugs have been designed with a "U" cut in the tail section of the rug.

This allows the birthmother too easily I.D her offspring's scent.

Also this keeps the weight off the pins and tail dock to prevent any damage to the nerves in this area.

In this area we have incorporated a pocket that sits between the 2 layers of fabric that covers the kidneys of the newborn.

This in turns warms the blood of the newborn in scenarios of being born out in the cold wet weather, suffering from a difficult birth, hypothermia, pneumonia, scours and many more problems that are associated with what newborns are face with.

Heat Pads

We wanted to design a rug that contained a built in heat source within the rug.

Use Only Human Heat Pads

You need to warm up a newborn's slowly, not to place the newborn into shock. This makes theses heat pads idea and safe for your newborns.

Giving continuously heat up for 10-12 hours.

WARNING Do Not Use Any Other Heat Source In These Blankets

Do not use any heating device that comes out of a microwave, heated with hot water or instant snap heat pads.

You cannot regulate the temperature of these devices.

They could harm your animal through overheating, burning or at worst other products could cause death.

There is no belly strap around the centre of the rug which enables the birthmother to lick and clean her offspring's umbilical cord and allows air flow to circulate in this area.

With male newborns this also stops them urinating on a belly strap which again could cause infection to the umbilical cord. Reduce infection by no rubbing to the umbilical cord area.

Our rugs have been design for balance for newborns, this alleviate problems occurring for calves getting tangle up in strapping.


Rugs Are Designed Without Belly Straps






This is a bonus with our ICU Small Animal Rugs being able to place a rug on your newborn still covered in amniotic fluid.

This is due to our combination of the out shell and the lining of our rug with its wicking ability to dry the calf under the rug by placing a heat pad in the pocket.

The heat pads warm up slowing enough as to not place the calf in shock.  Also by keeping a good body temperature all of their nutrients will hold them in good stead and their first feed of colostrum is going to give them a good head start in their journey life.


Outer Fabric

Keeping in mind that we didn't want to design a rug that was heavy and stiff to place on newborns.  We discovered a fabric that is water/windproof and fully breathable.

This fabric is as light as a feather ideal for newborn's not restricting their movements or making them uncomfortable.  

The fabric is 5000/mm meaning that it is waterproof up to 5 metres of rain before it should leak.  It also has the ability to wick up to a square metre of moisture in a 24 hour block.

Our Premature Calf Rugs are that little bit more special, same liner but the ourter fabric has an extra layer to add more warmth for the calf.  

Liner In The Rug

The inner layer is a double sided fabric that wicks moisture away from the animals skin whilst circulating heat around the newborn body. 

This fabric works extremely well in cold conditions even if the animal is not active, it will keep the body heat circulating. 

Both outer and liner fabric have been treat against mould, odour and bacterial.  

ICU Small Animal Rugs


We decided to manufacture a calf rug without a pocket in it for a heat pad.

Reasoning behind this was l don't believe every calf needs a heat pad.

The Allrounder Calf Rug is exactly the same design as the other but without a pocket in it.

Farmers have been using this rug  with great satisfaction keeping the calf warm and keeping drafts and the weather off the calf.

Canvas Calf Rugs

 Our ICU Small Animal Canvas calf rugs have proven very popular with our farmers.  The trim on our canvas rugs matches up with our soft shell calf rugs.  Financially these rugs are cheaper than our soft shell, but still maintains the high standard of workmanship has not wavered from our other calf rugs.

Made from 12oz rip stop canvas with an woollen liner, these rugs will see the distance of wear and tear making them an excellent investment.

We have made the front strap and buckle of generous length along with extra length on the leg straps, this allow for more growth from your rug.

The sizes are also that bit larger than our soft shell rugs and the extra large is ideal for your weaned calves out in the paddock.

The reason behind making canvas rugs:

  • You mightn't have shedding

  • You need to rug a calf on a cow

  • You rear calves outdoors requiring a good strong rug with fencing

The other reason is that you place so much work on rearing your calves and when sometimes you tipped out your calves, you may get 1 or 2 come down unwell.

Other farmer are placing these rugs on to acclimatise their calves and to stop them dropping back to much saving all of that hard work of rearing that have gone into them.

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