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Calf Rugs

The Importance of Calf Rugs Soft Shell

When calves are young- especially in the first few weeks they are alive- they need all the help that they can get to regulate their body heat. Like their parents, keeping the body temperature up is essential to their health, but it is even more important to calves.

Calves are more susceptible to hypothermia and pneumonia as they have had less time to develop immunity and have less weight. Unfortunately, cold weather and conditions can also lead to less growth in your calves. If your calf is warm they will place all of their feed into  maintaining a healthy growth rate.

Keeping them warm during cold weather can literally mean a difference between life and death.  Being able to keep the wind chill and adverse weather and a good dry bedding goes along way for a healthy calf. 

Another great option is a calf rug with a pouch for placing a heating pad if required from ICU Small Animal Rugs. They are similar to a high quality raincoat as they act as a barrier between your calf and the weather.

These calf coats are waterproof and moisture wicking, and breathable so they keep your little ones dry. The lining helps keep them warm.

They are designed to provide all you need to keep your calves warm and healthy in the coldest of temperatures. Though warmth is the goal, the material is also breathable, so you need not worry about them overheating.

ICU Small Animal Rugs make products to be completely durable, so you can count on them to keep your calves warm for a very long time. Take a look at the options available for your animals today.

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