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Our first Goat Allrounder Rugs are ready:
These rugs are the same as our calf, lamb and kid goats Allrounder without the pocket.
But with a buckle at the front to allow a perfect fit around your goat neck.
The fabric that we use is best to none to protect your animals in all weather elements for your newborns or for your golden oldie needing the extra warmth.
The top layer of this fabric is 5000 mm waterproof, in theory if you were to stand outside in the pouring rain cover in this fabric it would take 5 metres of water to fall on you before you would get wet.
The next layer is 100% breathable up to 5000 gsm which means that 5000 grams of water would be able to pass through a square meter of fabric in a 24 hour block.
The liner of the rug is super special and together with the top layer makes our rug unique to any other. This liner is double sided thermal that wicks moisture off the animals skin. It has been treated against mould and is bactericidal treated.
These rugs are for miniature goats l should have some pictures soon for you.

ICU Small Animal Rugs: Soft Shell Goat Rugs


    Machine wash - gentle or delicate, use only liquid Detregent 
    Do not tumble dry
    Do not bleach
    Do not dry clean
    Hang the rug out on the line in or out doors
    We wish you every success with your new purchase from ICU Small Animal Rugs. 
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