Working Dogs Rugs

ICU Small Animal Rugs understand the importance of your loyal hard working dog (s) and the care that you give your companions.

Our Rugs are different to those that are sold in the shops no bells and whistles just plain old down to earth coats/rugs for your dog.

We offer 3 types of fabric for your dogs read carefully which one would suit your climate your dogs age does your dog work with his rug on and how hard it is to keep weight on you dog.

  1. Our ICU Small Animal Rugs main fabric's top layer 3 layer that is water proof/windbproof and is 100% breathable.  The fabric will stand up to 5,000 mm of rain falling before water would leak through the outer shell before it would leak.

  2. This outer shell has a membrane welded inside that has hundreds of thousand small holes in it this membrane is whats  makes this fabric waterproof.

  3. Breathable? This is so important in the welfare of your dog or any animal the breathability that will wick moisture away from the skin of your animal.  Skin problem can arise from sweating:  itching, scores, loss of hair and bad odour which is not pleasant for you or your dog.  

  4. We make our rugs with 2 different liners. (1) fully lined with a 90% woollen Blanket (2) with our double sided thermal fabric that wicks and has been treat for odours and bacterial.

We specialise in Australian Working Dogs, New Zealand Huntaway's Dogs, Jack Russell Terrier, Maltese, Dachshunds this is a mixed bag of dogs but the ones that pop up on farms.

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The Home Of ICU Small Animal Rugs

ICU Small Animal Rugs

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